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This is a directory of bars/restaurants in the Pittsburgh Region

Sorry if I missed a few but this is a work in progress.

This list does not include South Side, as there is a separate page.

Closed bars will be deleted and new ones added as my time permits.

Bars can serve from 7 am thru 2 pm but most open at 11 am.


Craft Beer Bars within the City of Pittsburgh

Downtown Neighborhood of Pittsburgh

August Henrey's 946 Penn Ave 15222 near the Convention Center.

Proper Brick Oven & Tap Room 139 7th St 15222 (river side of Penn Ave)

Sharp Edge 922 Penn Ave 15222 near the Convention Center. Good for PNC Park.

Ten Penny 960 Penn Ave at10th 15222


East Liberty/Shady Side Neighborhoods of Pittsburgh

BRGR 5997 Penn Circle South 15206 East Liberty

Kelly’s Bar 6012 Penn Circle South 15206 East Liberty (no website)

Mad Mex at 220 S Highland Ave. 15206

Sharp Edge Beer Emporium 302 South St. Clair Street 15206 East Liberty/Friendship


Bites & Brews 5750 Ellsworth Ave 15232 Shady Side

Harris Grill 5747 Ellsworth Ave 15232 Shady Side


Homewood/Point Breeze Neighborhoods of Pittsburgh

East End Brewery 147 Julius St 15206 Larimer

East End is not a restaurant but offers beer to go.

Point Brugge Café 401 Hastings St 15206 Point Breeze for Belgian beer and food.


Lawrenceville Neighborhood of Pittsburgh

Arsenal Cider House 300 39th St 15201 Lawrenceville

Church Brew Works 3525 Liberty Ave 15201 Lawrenceville

Industry Public House 4305 Butler St 15201 Lawrenceville


Miscellaneous Neighborhoods of Pittsburgh

Hough’s 563 Greenfield Ave 15201 Greenfield

Shiloh Grill 123 Shiloh St 15211 Mt. Washington


North Side/North Shore/PNC Park Neighborhoods of Pittsburgh

Beer Market 110 Federal St 15212 in the Boggs Building

James Street Gastro Pub and Speakeasy at 422 Foreland St 15212 at James.

Max’s Allegheny Tavern 537 Suismon Streets 15212 at Middle

Monterey Pub 1227 Monterey St 15212 North Side near Mexican War Streets

Mullen’s Bar 200 Federal St 15212 near PNC Park

Penn Brewery 800 Vinal St 15212 at Troy Hill Rd North Side

Rivertowne 337 North Shore Drive 15212


Oakland Neighborhood of Pittsburgh

Fuel & Fuddle 212 Oakland Ave 15213 Oakland and not far from Mad Mex

Mad Mex-Oakland 370 Atwood St 15213 at Bates St

Sola Bar 114 Atwood St 15213


Regent Square/Frick Park Neighborhoods of Pittsburgh

D’s 6 PAX & Dogs 1118 S Braddock Ave 15218 in Regent Sq

Map Room 1126 S Braddock Ave 15218 in Regent Sq

Ryan’s Pub 607 S Braddock Ave 15221 near Forbes and Frick Park


Strip District Neighborhoods of Pittsburgh

Beer Hive 2117 Penn Ave 15222 Strip District

Dreadnought Wines 2013 Penn Ave 15222 Strip District

Kaya’s 2000 Smallman St 15222 Strip District

Mullaney’s Harp & Fddle 2329 Penn Ave 15222 Strip District

Rolland’s Seafood 1904 Penn Ave 15222 Strip District


Craft Beer Bars without the City of Pittsburgh*

Northern Territories

Beer Nutz 1335 Freeport Rd 15238 Blawnox

BRGR 20111 RT. 19 & Freedom Road 16066 Cranberry Mall

Fox & Hounds 2002 Northway Mall, McKnight Road 15237 North Hills

Hop House 5610 Babcock Blvd. 15237 at Three Degree Rd.

Mad Mex-Cranberry Township 20510 Perry Highway 16066

Mad Mex-McKnight 7905 McKnight Rd 15237 Ross Township

Wexford Ale House 10501 Perry Highway 15090 Wexford


Eastern Regions

Bella Luna Trattoria 5060 William Penn Hwy 15146 Monroeville

Blue Dust 601 Amity St 15120 Homestead at the entrance to the Waterfront

Elwood’s Pub 163 Little Deer Creek Road, Rural Ridge 15075 Indiana Township

Full Pint Brewery 1963 Lincoln Highway 15137

House of 1000 Beers 357 Freeport St 15068 New Kensington

Mad Mex 4055 Monroeville Blvd 15146 Monroeville (Miracle Mile Shopping Center)

Rivertown Brewery 312 Center Rd 15146 Monroeville Website lists other locations

Rock Bottom Brewery 171 East Bridge St 15120 In the Waterfront, Homestead

Romans Bistro & Bottle Shop 2104 Ardmore Blvd 15221 Forest Hills


Western Territories

Bocktown 690 Chauvet Dr15275 Pool City Plaza, Robinson Township

Blue Dust 601 Amity St, Homestead, PA 15120

Mad Mex 2 Robinson Plaza 15205 Robinson Township

Paddy’s Pour House 215 East Main Street 15106 Carnegie

Patrick's Pub 1207 Spring Run Road Ext 15108 Moon Township

Pittsburgh Bottle Shop

Sharp Edge-Creek House 288 W. Steuben Street 15205, Thornburg Bridge


Southern Hemisphere

Bado’s Pizza Grill 307 Beverly Rd 15216 Mt. Lebanon

Barleys & Hops 5217 Library Road 15102 Bethel Park near South Park

Brews Brothers 315 Mt. Lebanon Blvd 15234 Mt. Lebanon

Cain’s Saloon 3239 W Liberty Ave. 15216 Dormont

Coach’s Bottle Shop, 3105 Banksville Rd. 15216 Banksville Plaza, Dormont

Mad Mex-Scott Township 2101 Green Tree Road 15220

Pittsburgh Bottle Shop Café 1597 Washington Pike 15017 Collier Township

Sharp Edge 102 Gallery Drive 15317 McMurray Rt. 19 South



Bars listed in any particular group may not be near one another so do not assume that you can use this list for a pub-crawl.

This directory does not give specific information concerning address and phone as that should be on the bar’s website. These bars can close at any time without notice to me.

This directory is focused on bars that serve craft beer but selection may be limited.


*If you have made it this far down without falling asleep, I have a history story for you. When London, England was establish it was a walled city. Within these walls were districts such as Farringdon, Aldgate, Moorgate, etc. They were known to be within the walls. Districts that grew outside the walls (e.g. Farringdon Without) were known to be without the walls. I have always liked that word so I am using it on this page because I can and it’s mine. Yea!


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