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October 30, 2013

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South Side (15203) Bar List by Location

History of Pittsburgh – South Side Reference Material

(Bars prior to 1960 not listed)


This is a (partial) directory of current and former bars and restaurants on Pittsburgh’s South Side. Basically, name, address and former venue(s) are given.

The bars are in 1 of 4 groups:

Carson Street Bars

Off Carson Street Corner Bars at Numbered Streets

Off Carson Street Bars between Numbered Streets,

The South Side Works


Each address has a bar/restaurant that served alcoholic drinks. Former or subsequent venues may or may not have served alcohol. This document is to identify locations and current location (at time of reading) may not be an alcohol-serving venue.


Carson Street Bars


601 E Carson St (river side) at South 6th St

Riva’s Nicaraguan Restaurant (Restaurant) (entrance at 605 E Carson St)

Mantini’s (open 2005), Rumshaker’s, Casey’s, Frances Zoglemann (pre 1963)


801 E Carson St (river side) at South 8th St across from the stadium

Brewski’s (Bar) 


1011 E Carson St (river side)

Vacant, Oynx Inn (Bar)


1005 E Carson St (river side)

Charlie Murdocks club, Halo club, church


1109 E Carson St (river side) between South 11th & South 12th Streets

Tad’s on Carson (Bar) as of June 2009, Barry’s Pub, Joyce’s Celtic Pub, Dragon Ice


1113 E Carson St (river side)

Caravan Club, Structural Associates Drafting, Ukrainian (Social Hall) Club, original location of the Iron & Glass Bank


1120 E Carson St (hill side) just west of South 12th St

Yo Rita (Bar) as of December 1, 2008, Iguana Grill, Laundromat


1121 E Carson St (river side) just west of South 12th St

Back Room (Bar) See Jack’s (Rose Bar)

Jack’s (Rose Bar) (Bar) 


1205 E Carson St (river side)

Insurance Co., Print Shop, Scrapp’s Café


1209 E Carson St (river side) between S 12th & S13th Streets

Urban Tap, Brik Room (Restaurant Bar), Mantini’s; this new location opened in Feb 08 after it closed the South 6th St location, Old Europe Restaurant


1223 E Carson St (hill side) at South 13th Street

Rumshakers (Bar), Café Latte coffee shop 


1306 E Carson St (hill side) between South 13th & South 14th St

Smiling Moose (Bar), Lucky Charms, The Silver Dollar, Zorba’s (Greek)


1311 E Carson St (river side)

1311 Bar (Bar), a vacant lot since 1960’s or 70’s, 5 & 10 cent store


1314 E Carson St (hill side) between South 13th & South 14th Streets

Dee’s Café (Bar-Restaurant) 


1327 E Carson Street (river side) at South 14th Street

Bee Hive (Coffee Shop with beer), Landau’s Pharmacy


1401 E Carson St (river side) at S 14th St

Carson City Saloon (Bar Restaurant), Mellon Bank 


1500 E Carson St (hill side)

Elixir Ultra Lounge (Bar & Lounge), men’s clothing store


1501 E Carson St (river side) at South 15th St

Finn McCool’s (Bar), Tuscany Coffee Shop, Nevins 5 & 10


1505 E Carson St (river side)

Proposed bar, Owens’s Cleaners, magistrate office


1506 E Carson St (hill side)

Vacant, Jewelry store

The building was Siegel’s Jewelry store, which was spilt. 1508 had a restaurant on the 2nd floor and 1510 became Blue Lou’s.


1507 E Carson St (river side)

Carson Street Deli (Deli) (relocated from 1610 E Carson)


1510 E Carson Street (hill side) (1510 is 2 lots wide: 1508-1510)

Blue Lou’s Bar & Grill (Bar-Restaurant) See Mario’s

New owners took over in 2008 along with their sister bar Mario’s next door.


1514 E Carson St (hill side) at South 16th Street

Mario’s (Bar-Restaurant) New ownership as of 2008, Men’s clothing store


1515 E Carson St (river side)

Local Bar + Kitchen (Restaurant): Cockoo’s Nest (magic shop) and Chester’s Travel, which were in the same building.


1601-1603 E Carson St (river side)

Diesel (club), Fat City (bar), dentist office


1605 E Carson Street (river side)

Pie shop of Fat City, Kotula’s (sic) Bar


1610 E Carson St (hill side)

Blue Grotto Pizza, Carson Street Deli, Grocery Store


1611 E Carson St (river side) at S 17th Street

Nakama Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar, Authenrite’s 5 & 10


1707 E Carson St (river side)

Pi Coal Fired Pizza (Restaurant & bar) New in late 2010, Jimmy D’s, Birmingham Inn

Upstairs of Jimmy D’s was on the second floor.


1713-1715 E Carson St (river side)

S Bar (Bar) 


1717 E Carson St (river side)

Penny’s Diner, Folino’s (in conjunction with 1719)


1719 E Carson St (river side)

Glasshouse, Folino’s (Bar Restaurant), Young’s tavern


1721 E Carson St (river side)

Folino’s (extended), card & gift shop


1728 E Carson (hill side)

Gennaro’s Pizza Shop, obtained liquor license in 2013


1739 E Carson St at S 18th St (north-west corner)

UPS store, Kinko’s, unknown, bar


1800 E Carson St at South 18th St (hill side)

Parking Lot, Ft, Necessities Convenience & Beer Distr.


1805-1807 E Carson St (river side) just east of South 18th St

Fat Heads South Shore Saloon (a cask-ale Bar-Restaurant), Carson City Saloon, Tap (or Tat) Sparrows


1807 was a hair salon


1809 E Carson St (river side)

Fat Heads patio, vacant lot


1811 E Carson St (river side)

Casey’s Draft House (Bar), unknown, Laverne’s Tavern


1817 E Carson St (river side)

Commercial business, Tic-Toc Bar (per 1960)


1825 E Carson St (river side)

Levelz (closed), South Side 86 until September 2010, The Locker Room


1828 E Carson St (hill side)

Piper’s Pub, Carson Street Chop House, Rumor’s


1831 East Carson St (river side) at S 19th St

Villa Southside (Lounge) as of January 2010, Bruschetta's, Jose’s Pasta Palace

The 1829 address part was an antique shop at one time.


1832 E Carson St (hill side) at South 19th St

Primanti Brothers Restaurant & Cigar Bar, Blues Café, Blue Note


1908 E Carson St (hill side)

Carmella’s, Inn-Termission Lounge (Bar) Golubic Rock Bar, from 1963 phone book


1916 E Carson St (river side)

Kaufmann’s was founded at this site in 1871 when the area was Birmingham, Pa.


1924 E Carson St (hill side)

Pittsburgh Steak Company (Restaurant-Bar), Harris & KcKeever Meat Market (pre 1960)


2001 East Carson St (river side) at South 20th St

Smokin’ Joe’s (Bar with upstairs function room) Smoking unknown, Lewis Hotel


2003 E Carson St (river side)

Tiki Lounge (Bar), dentist office


2009 E Carson St (river side)

District 3 (Bar), Town Tavern, Restaurant


2017 E Carson St (river side)

1889 Café (Café-Bar)


2018 E Carson St (hill side)

Lin’s Asian Fusion


2019 E Carson St (river side)

Blue Iguana (Bar), City Grill


2100 E Carson St (hill side) at South 21st St

Mullen’s on Carson (Restaurant-Bar), Paparazzi, JJ’s (Bar)

D & G Restaurant was at 2102 (pre 1960)


2104 E Carson St (hill side)

Stagioni, Le Pommier Bistro Francais


2114 E Carson Street (hill side)

Buddy’s Beer (J & J Importers Beer Distributors), T & T Hardware Store


2122 E Carson St (river side)

Little Tokyo Bistro, East Winds Asian Bistro, Sushi Two, Kramer’s Hardware Store


2126 E. Carson St (hill side)

Baba D’s (Middle Eastern bar-restaurant), Balcer’s Bakery


2108 E Carson St (hill side)

Acacia, Z Lounge (Bar), Zythos


2113 E Carson St (river side)

Senior High Rise, unknown, Agnes Green’s Tavern (pre 1960)


2132 E Carson St (hill side)

The Bar at 2132 (Bar) as of early 2009, Wild Bill’s


2200 E Carson St (hill side) at 22nd St

Margaritaville (Bar-Restaurant) officially called Rizzo's Margaritaville, same name under original owner


2204 E Carson St (hill side)

Lava Lounge (Bar), Liberty Belle (featuring Franki Capri)


2210 E Carson St (hill side)

Blind Pig (Hookah Bar), Hkan Hookah Bar & Lounge


2224 E Carson St (river side)

Ibiza Tapas & Wine Bar (new building)


2228 E Carson St (hill side)

Mallorca Restaurant (Restaurant-Bar) & Ibiza Tapas Bar (next door)

Mallorca’s patio is at 2226


2300 E Carson St (hill side) at South 23rd St

White Eagle Inn (Bar) 


2304 E Carson St (hill side) just east of South 23rd St

The Library (Restaurant), the Bridge Café, Vaggio’s, Café Giovanni


2305 E Carson St (river side)

Shootz (bar) bought out by Mallorca, United Baking Co.


2314 E Carson St (hill side)

Cupka’s Café 2 & WORK Café (Bar) at 2312

They built a new addition at 2312 E Carson (former private home) and the building sports the name WORK.


2328 E Carson St

Archie’s on Carson (Bar), South City Tavern


2341 E Carson St (river side)

Green Front Inn (Bar)


2339 East Carson Street (river side)

Doublewide Bar & Grill, D & D’s car repair shop


2500 E Carson St (hill side

Chances Bar & Grill, Knuckleheads Bar & Grill


2506 E Carson St (hill side)

Hookah Bookah (Hookah Bar)


2512 E Carson St (hill side)

Le Brew House (Bar-Restaurant), Mill Site tavern


2518 E Carson St (hill side)

Over the Bar Bicycle Café (Bar), Quagmire’s


2520 E Carson St (river side)

Tanning Room, Max’s Tavern


2525 E Carson St (river side)

Double Play Café (Bar), J & L Steel Works


2526 E Carson St (hill side) at South 26th

Excuses Bar & Grill (Bar)


2557 E Carson St (river side) at S 26th St

Emiliano’s Mexican Bar & Grill (Bar & Grill), J & L Steel Works


2724 E Carson St (hill side)

Phillip’s Heating, Yarsky’s Tavern (pre 1960)


2829 E Carson St (river side)

Dolce Bar, Hot Metal Grill, former bar, J & L Steel Works


2912 E Carson St (hill side)

Sokol Club (new location from South 26th & Jane St)


3100 E Carson St (hill side)

Frank Fuhrer (Master Beer Distributor)


3300 E Carson St (river side)

Pittsburgh Brewing Co., Keystone Brewery (see South 26th St at Sarah St)


Off Carson Street Corner Bars at Numbered Streets

In Order of Numbered Street from River to Hill


South 10th St, No. 20 at Muriel Street

Patio 10 (Restaurant), Amalfi on Tenth, Abuzzi’s, iron foundry  

Located in the Holiday Inn Express building


South 10th at Cabot Way

Abuzzi’s, (then moved to No. 20), Sarah’s Restaurant


South 10th St at 1000 Bradish St

Black & Gold Beer Warehouse (Beer Distributor), formerly a casket warehouse and prior to that (at one time) a tire repair shop.


South 11th St at 1101 Bradish

Bar 11 (Bar), Bill’s Dream Bar (from back in the 70’s)


South 11th St at 1103 Freyberg St (hill side)

Private home, White Eagle Lodge Club


South 12th St, No. 51 (north of E Carson St) in Bedford Square (Market House area)

Café Allegro (Restaurant), Antique shop


South 12th St, No. 56 (river side)

Club Café (Bar-Nightclub), Cardello’s, Club Café (Bar)


South 12th St, No. 80 between E Carson St & Sarah St

Kopy’s (Bar) built as the Hotel Weilersbacher, Krom’s bar


South 12th St, No. 123 at Freyberg St

Private home (architecture design implies former bar)


South 12th St, No. 145 at Breed St

St Vincent's Association (Private Bar?) (Entrance on Breed)


South 12th St, at the top on Birmingham Ave. (former name)

John Nusser (Manor St, Birmingham) 1852-1883

John H. Nusser, National Brewery 1883-1899

Absorbed into the Pittsburgh Brewing Co. syndicate 1899

Pittsburgh Brewing Co., John H. Nusser 1899-1900

Thanks to Tavern for this entry


South 15th at 1501 Sarah St

Pregame (Bar), Fix’s Inn, Fish Tank, Fred’s


South 16th St at 1600 Bingham St (below Carson St)

McArdles Pub (Bar) 


South 17th St, No. 75 at Wrights Way (and Bingham St)

17 Street Café (Café-Bar), Bendick’s Bar


South 17th St, No 128 at Sarah St

Dish Osteria Bar (Restaurant-Bar), McCann’s


South 18th St at S1781 Sidney St (river side)

Polish Falcon’s Nest 8


South 18th St, No. 108 at Sarah (south-west corner)

Casne Electric, bar


South 18th St, No. 140 at Harcum Way

Jekyl & Hyde (Bar)


South 18th St, No. 153 at Mary Street

Saint James Place (Bar), Bar Southside, Jack’s Bar (not Rose Bar)


South 18th St at Mary St

Pazack’s Bar


South 19th St at Sarah St (south-east corner)

Residence, bar


South 20th St (No. 69 at Sarah St)

B M Cramer (pipe supply), Hudepohl Brewing bottling plant)

Hudepohl Brewing of Cincinnati operated a bottling line here many years ago.  

Christian Moerlein

South 20th St at Sidney St

VFW Post


South 20th St, No. 74 just below E Carson St (river side)

South Side Beer Distributor


South 20th St, No. 136 at Jane St

Red & Irene’s Tavern (Bar) 


South 21st St at 2100 Mary St

Brew House (art gallery & lofts), Duquesne Brewery

See South 22nd St at Jane, below


South 22nd St, No. 40 at Wharton St

Ruggers Pub (Bar), Clair’s Tavern, Gradeck’s Tavern


South 22nd St at Jane

Brandt’s Beer Distributor, Loading docks for Duquesne Brewery


South 23rd St, No. 133 on Jane (river side)

Jaggerbush (Bar), Vendetta Dolci, Jerome’s


South 24th St, No. 132 & Jane St

Karwoski’s Tavern (Bar)


South 26th St, No. 78

Vacant Lot, Kurhan Beer Dist. (pre 1960) behind Ann’s Restaurant (same era)


South 26th St at Sarah St (North-East corner)

Goodwill Industries, Pittsburgh Brewing Co. (see 3300 E Carson St)


South 26th, No. 2565 at Jane St

Sokol Club (moved to 2912 E Carson after a fire)


South 27th St, No. 19 (above Carson)

Nadine’s (Bar & Restaurant), unknown prior business


South 27th, No. 48 & Jane St (North-West corner)

Cupak’s Café (Bar), Unknown before this 


South 27th St, No. 51 at Jane St (South-East corner)

Hot Metal Church, Bar, Café Valentino, Wild Sisters, Butcher’s shop


South 29th St, No. 136 at Jane St

Birmingham Bridge Tavern, Forbes Field Tavern, Unknown before this


South 29th St at 2901 Sarah Street (river side)

Birmingham Bridge Tavern (Bar & Restaurant) 

Formerly the Forbes Field Tavern


Off Carson Street Bars between Numbered Streets


Note: I do not know if any bars on streets running parallel to Carson other than Sarah other than those on corners of numbered street. Sarah was a major transit line, as was Carson, which is why so many businesses were on it over the years.


Becks Run Rd, No. 1000, up from E Carson St

Down the Road Saloon, Dower’s Tavern


Jane St, No. 1807

Polish Army Veteran’s Association


Josephine St, at 2100

M. Winter Brothers Brewery (Bavarian brothers: Alois, Michael and Wolfgang) from 1833 to 1899. More information on this free pages website.


Josephine St, 2600

Brewery of unknown origin


Josephine St, No. 2604

Angels Restaurant and Night Club


Sarah St, No. 2024 (hill side)

Walker’s Pub, Muffy’s (Bar)


Sarah St, No. 2105 (river side)

Private business, Bar

This bar was once for men-only, which was typical at one time, and had a built-in urinal running along the length of the bar. This allowed the lads to stay at the bar and not travel to the men’s room as often. And you thought those were the good old days?


Sarah St, No. 2319

Residence, Gmitter Beer Dist. (pre 1960)


Sarah St, No. 2612 (hill side)

Michael's Pizza Bar And Restaurant (Bar And Restaurant)


Pius St, No. 178 off South 18th Street (on the Slopes)

UUBU6 (Restaurant – Bar), formerly a workingman’s society


South Side Works

Built on the site of the former J & L Steel Corporation

This is a new development


The listings below are in a different format than those above as this area is semi-detached from the rest of the South Side. The area was prepared by the Pittsburgh Redevelopment Authority and built by the Stoffer Organization. The area is treated differently by government that the general South Side area.


Cheesecake Factory (Restaurant-Bar)

415 South 27th Street at Cinema Dr


Claddagh Irish Pub

407 Cinema Dr (North off Carson Street at S. 27th)


Dolce Longe

2829 E Carson St (river side)


Hofbräuhaus Restaurant & Brewpub

2705 South Water Street


McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant (Restaurant Bar)

2667 Sidney Street


Steel City Mongolian Grill  (Restaurant)

29 South 27th Street


Tusca Mediterranean Tapas

2730 Sidney St


Wine Loft (Wine-Bar) as of November 25, 2008

1227 Tunnel Blvd


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