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January 1, 2014

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This is a directory of bars, taverns and restaurants (and some clubs) serving beer, wine and spirits. Sorry if I missed a few. This list does not include Station Square.

Although I have some notes and historical information this is not a review.

Bars can serve from 7 am thru 2 pm but most open at 11 am.

The Zip Code for the South Side is 15203 Station Square is 15219


South Side Bar Alerts

This page has had a general cleanup with revisions.

InnTermission Lounge under new ownership, now Carmella’s

New restaurant coming to 1207 E Carson St

Pie on Carson has closed, Jimmy D’s upstairs is open

Rumshakers is closed. New bar coming in.

Urban Tap now open

UUBU6 is open but with irregular hours per their website


Smoking Note

Smoking is not permitted in most indoor places and some public sidewalks in Allegheny County due to the Commonwealth’s Clean Indoor Act of 2008. Under certain conditions bars, but not restaurants, can be granted smoking status. Some of them are noted below. Their food orders cannot be greater than 20% of their total sales. Restaurants that have a bar can apply but they have more stringent rules. The bar is required to post a sign permitting smoking and baring anyone under 21.

See the tavern exemptions by county for the latest updates

The list of exemptions may show the company name of a bar and not the trade name more commonly known to the public.


List of Bars, Taverns and More


Acacia (Bar) Formerly Z Lounge<>

2108 E Carson St (hill side) between South 21st & South 22nd Streets

Web: http://acaciacocktails.com/ 

Nice range of beers and very interesting cocktails.


Archie’s on Carson (Bar) <>

2328 E Carson St

Phone: 412 481 0852, Web: www.myspace.com/archiesoncarson 

Formerly: the South City Tavern. Archie is the new owner and was formerly a manager of Matrix.


Back Room (Bar) See Jack’s (Rose Bar) <>

1121 E Carson St (river side) just west of South 12th St

Phone 412 431 7484

Technically a part of Jack’s but opens at 6 PM. Additional beers and pool.


The Bar at 2132 (Bar) <>

2132 E Carson St (hill side)

New as of early 2009 and was formerly Wild Bill’s

Phone 412-488-3980, Web www.barsmart.com/2132/

            They got a good opening review by the Pittsburgh Post.


Bar 11 (Bar) Smoking permitted <>

Bradish at South 11th St

Bradish & South 11th are one-way, come in from South 12th

            They open latter in the day, as this is a bar for the night owls. This was Bill’s Dream Bar back in the 70’s.


Bee Hive (Coffee Shop with beer) <>

1327 E Carson Street (river side) at South 14th Street

Phone 412-488-4483, Web: http://www.beehivebuzz.com/index1.html 

            This is a coffee shop that also has beer, which is all I need to make this entry.


Birmingham Bridge Tavern (Bar & Restaurant) Smoking permitted <>

2901 Sarah Street (river side) at South 29th Street (near the car wash)

Phone 412 381 2739

Formerly the Forbes Field Tavern

They have a function room upstairs and it’s good for bands.


Black & Gold Beer Warehouse (Beer Distributor) <>

1000 Bradish St at South 10th (Bradish is one way NOT from S 10th)

Phone: 412 381 6300

            An old warehouse converted to a beer distributor. Bradish is one way from S 11th to S 12th Street. South 10th is two-way. They do not yet have a website.


Blind Pig (Hookah Bar) formerly: Hkan Hookah Bar & Lounge <>

2210 E Carson St (hill side)

Phone 412 586 5936, FACEBOOK, Twitter


Blue Lou’s Bar & Grill (Bar-Restaurant) Smoking permitted <>

1510 E Carson Street (hill side) between South 15th & South 16th Streets

Phone 412 381 7675

            New owners took over in 2008 along with their sister bar Mario’s next door.


Brew House (Not a brewery) Look for the really big clock.

2100 Mary Street

This was the former Duquesne Brewery but is now an art gallery and lofts.

Web http://sites.google.com/site/thebrewhouseassociation/


Brewski’s (Bar) Smoking permitted <>

801 E Carson St (river side) at South 8th St across from the stadium

Phone 412 481 9140


Bridge Ten Brasserie (Restaurant)<>

20 S 10th Street at Muriel Street at the foot of the South 10th Street Bridge

Web: http://www.bridgeten.com/#13730196016751&true 

            Located in the Holiday Inn Express building and formerly Patio 10. Inside rooms to open in September but patio service has started.


Buddy’s Brews on Carson (Beer Distributor)

2112-2114 E Carson Street (hill side)

J & J Importers Beer Distributors is parent company

Phone 412 709 6353 Web: http://brewsoncarson.com/ 

            Street parking out front with pay machine but they have drive thru in the rear in Carey Way.


Carmella’s (Bar) Not sure about the smoking

(Formerly Inn-Termission and  the Golubic Rock from 1963 phone book)

1908 E Carson St (hill side) between South 19th & South 20th Streets

Phone 412 381 3497, FACEBOOK

New ownership (Jekyll & Hyde people) took over as of July 2013. Expect re-opening in fall of 2013.


Carson City Saloon (Bar Restaurant) Smoking permitted <>

1401 E Carson St (river side) at S 14th St

Phone 412 481 3203, Web: http://www.carsoncitysaloon.com


Carson Street Deli (Deli)

1507 E Carson St (river side) between S 15th & S 16th Streets

Phone, 412 381 5335, Fax 412 381 5996 FACEBOOK

Web http://www.carsonstreetdeliandcraftbeer.com/, E-mail eric@carsonstreetdeli.com

            A nice little deli that makes and promotes locally produced foods. They have draft and bottled beer for in house or take out. Beer tastings and promotions are featured at the deli weekly, but you would not get that from their website. See their Facebook page more information on beer tastings and photos. A nice courtyard is in the rear of the deli.


Casey’s Draft House (Bar) Smoking permitted <>

1811 E Carson St (river side) just east of South 18th St

Phone 412 431 3595 FACEBOOK

You wouldn’t know to look at it but they have a huge Tequila selection. One of the best, I am told. Ask about it when you go in. Nice beer selection as well.


Charlie Murdocks (nightclub) formerly Halo <>

1005 E Carson St (river side)

Phone 412 431 7464, Web http://www.murdocksrocks.com/

            A dueling piano bar located in a former church.


Cheesecake Factory (Restaurant-Bar) <>

415 South 27th Street at Cinema Dr

(North off Carson Street at S. 27th) South Side Works

Next to the cinema and sort of in front of Claddagh

Phone 412-431-7800, Web: ww.cheesecakefactory.com/ now kaput

Fear not for they have low-carb cheesecake (Splenda) for guys like me. The national website is http://www.thecheesecakefactory.com/#lobby is good to locate all the factories in the US.


Claddagh Irish Pub (a cask-ale Restaurant-Bar) South Side Works <>

407 Cinema Dr (North off Carson Street at S. 27th) South Side Works

Next to the cinema and sort of behind the Cheesecake Factory

Phone 412 381 4800, Web: www.claddaghirishpubs.com 

Open 7 days at 1100. The Guinness served here comes direct from Dublin and not Canada. Yes, all Guinness in the States is brewed in Canada. All the Guinness in this chain of pubs east of the Mississippi comes from Ireland. Outside seating available.


Club Café (Bar-Nightclub) <>

56 South 12th St just below E Carson St (river side) next to Jack’s

Phone 412 431 4950, Phone 412 481 4633 (in book), Web: http://www.clubcafelive.com


Cupak’s Café (Bar) Smoking permitted <>

48 South 27th & Jane St (near Josephine Street)

Phone 412 481 63262, 412 431 9433


Cupka’s Café 2 & WORK Café (Bar) <>

2114 E Carson St (hill side)

Phone 412 431 9691, 412 381 2857

            They built a new addition at 2112 E Carson and the building sports the name WORK.


Dee’s Café (Bar-Restaurant) Smoking permitted <>

1314 E Carson St (hill side) between South 13th & South 14th Streets

Phone 412 431 1314 or 412 481 4633; found two

Web: http://www.deescafe.com/


Diesel Club Lounge & Sky Bar (bar-lounge)

1601 E Carson St (river side)


Dish Osteria Bar (Restaurant-Bar) Formerly McCann’s. Look for the Leprechaun <>

128 South 17th St at Sarah St (the upper, across from Larkin’s Way)

Phone 412 390 2012 Web www.dishosteria.com

            Not you typical bar but a truly Italian restaurant doing fabulous food.


Distillery Room (upstairs room) See Smokin’ Joe’s

2001 E Carson St (river side) at South 20th St

Phone 412 431 6757, www.smoken-joessaloon.com


Double Play Café (Bar) <>

2525 E Carson St (river side)

Phone 412 481-7200 FACEBOOK

The site: www.doubleplaycafe.com is for sale. Buy it, guys.


Doublewide Bar & Grill (Bar & Grill) <>

2339 East Carson Street (river side)
Phone 412 390-1111

            A former car repair shop that looks like a car repair shop serving beer and food.  There is a lot of outdoor seating, but not on the sidewalk.


Down the Road Saloon (Bar) Formerly Dower’s <>

1000 Becks Run Road up from E Carson St

Way East of Hot Metal Street (Hot Metal Bridge coming from Second Ave)

Phone 412 431 2104

They have their own parking lot. See Specialty Group for details as the saloon is for sale.


1889 Café (Café-Bar) <>

2017 E Carson St (river side) between South 20th & South 21st Streets

Phone 412 431 9290


Elixir Ultra Lounge (Bar & Lounge) Smoking permitted <>

1500 E Carson St

Phone 412 481 1811, Web www.elixirpgh.com/


Emiliano’s Mexican Bar & Grill (Bar & Grill) <>

2557 E Carson St (river side) at S 26th St

Phone 412 381-2229 Web www.emilianos.net 

            They opened in late summer of 2010 and are from the North Hills. The web may still have the McIntyre Square location.


Excuses Bar & Grill (Bar) Smoking permitted and limited food service<>

2526 E Carson St (hill side) at South 26th

Phone 412 431 4090


Fat Heads South Shore Saloon (a cask-ale Bar-Restaurant) <>

1805 E Carson St (river side) just east of South 18th St

Phone 412 431 7433, Web: http://www.fatheads.com/ FACEBOOK Twitter

Fat Heads was the first bar in town, that I know, that sells drafts to go (64oz Growlers). Beer Union is their bottle shop and gift shop located on the second floor. Outside seating is available in the side yard.

            Fat Head's Cleveland is the operation in North Olmstead, Ohio (western edge of Cleveland) going by the name Fat Head’s Brewery. Their beers are always on tap (until we drink them dry). Thanks to brewer Mat Cole.

            Fat Head’s: first bar in Pittsburgh to serve draft hard cider from Arsenal Cider House in Lawrenceville. 


Finn McCool’s (Bar) Smoking permitted <>

1501 E Carson St (river side) at South 15th St

Formerly the Tuscany Coffee Shop

This is interesting: http://www.steelahs.com/id8.html


Frank Fuhrer (Master Beer Distributor) <>

3100 E Carson St (hill side)

Phone 412 488 8844, Web: http://www.fuhrerwholesale.com/ FACEBOOK

Posted for reference only. Hey, he’s been one of us for a long time. Outside seating available.


Green Front Inn (Bar) <>

2341 E Carson St (river side) near South 24th St

Phone 412 488 3140 Bar, Phone 412 481 0702 Restaurant

Phone 412 488 3925 Fax for food orders

Outside seating available.


Hofbräuhaus Restaurant & Brewpub <>

2705 South Water Street  (South Side Works)

Phone: 412 224-2328

Web: http://www.hofbrauhauspittsburgh.com FACEBOOK Twitter

This is the sister to the one in Newport, Kentucky (same owner). The Pittsburgh Hofbrau does a keg tapping on the first Wednesday of the month between 7 & 7:30 pm. The brewer, Eckhard Kurbjuhn, is from Munich and judging by the beers he does an excellent job. He is a start-up brewer so he may be moving on someday. On deck is assistant brewer Shawn Setzenfand who came in from the Penn Brewery. Let’s hope Shawn take the top post if and when Mr. Kurbjuhn leaves. Do a search for Eckhard Kurbjuhn at http://www.post-gazette.com.

They serve beer by the Litre and half litre. A litre is just over a US quart pouring in at 33.76 ounces. Yes, they are heavy. A half litre (16.88 ounces) is just a tad larger that a US pint. Sample racks are also available. Outside seating available.


Hkan Hookah Bar & Lounge (Hookah Bar) Soon to be the Blind Pig<>

2210 E Carson St (hill side)


Hookah Bookah (Hookah Bar) Smoking permitted, of course <>

2506 E Carson St (hill side)

Phone 412 307 5236 Web www.HookahBookah.com 

No one under 18 permitted per their window sign. They have another location in Indiana, Pa. and the site www.Hookah-Bookah.com is their on-line store.

NOTE: this may not be a drinking bar. Look for updates.


Inn-Termission Lounge (Bar) Smoking permitted

(Formerly the Golubic Rock from 1963 phone book)

1908 E Carson St (hill side) between South 19th & South 20th Streets

Now closed, see Carmella’s


IVP Bar & Grill

2126 E Carson St (hill side)

Web: http://www.italianvillagepizza.com/ 


Jack’s (Rose Bar) (Bar) See the Back Room Smoking permitted <>

1121 E Carson St (river side) at South 12th St

Phone 412 431 3644, Web: www.jacksbarpittsburgh.com, FACEBOOK

            This bar is open all legal hours every day of the year. Yes, they do have customers on Christmas morning.

The bar was featured in several major motion pictures. Flashdance (1983) with Jennifer Beals had parts filmed here. Feds (1988) with Rebecca DeMornay had the front of the bar painted black. In both movies the name of the bar was called Mobray’s. Parts of the Ron Howard movie, Gung Ho (1986) was filmed outside. Cast included Michael Keaton (born in Coraopolis, 1951), George Wendt (Cheers) and Mimi Rogers.


Jaggerbush (Bar) Smoking permitted <>

133 South 23rd St on Jane

Phone 412 431 5244 FACEBOOK


Jekyl & Hyde (Bar) Next to the fire station Smoking permitted <>

140 South 18th St at Harcum Way

Phone 412 488 0777 FACEBOOK

            One of Pittsburgh’s best bartenders works here, Carmella. She now has her place, Carmella’s.          


Karwoski’s Tavern (Bar) <>

132 South 24th & Jane St

Phone 412 431 0160



1207 E Carson St (river side)

            They received a liquor license so they can enhance their already splendid Mediterranean menu.

Phone: 412 381 1820


Kopy’s (Bar) Smoking permitted <>

80 South 12th St between E Carson St & Sarah St

Built as the Hotel Weilersbacher (my spell checker loves this). Formerly: Krom’s Bar.


Lava Lounge (Bar) Formerly the Liberty Belle (featuring Franki Capri) <>

2204 E Carson St (hill side) just east of South 22nd St

Phone 412 431 5282 Web www.lavaloungepgh.com


The Library (Restaurant) <>

2304 E Carson St (hill side) just east of South 23rd St

Phone 412 381 0517, Fax 412 381 0518, Web www.thelibrary-pgh.com

Formerly, the Bridge


Local Bar + Kitchen (Restaurant) New <>

1515 E Carson St (river side)

Phone 412 431 1125, Web www.localpgh.com 

Formerly: This was the Cockoo’s Nest magic shop. Local buys local cheese from Turner Dairy Farm in Monroeville and pierogies from Pierogies Plus in McKees Rocks.


Mallorca Restaurant (Restaurant-Bar) & Ibiza Tapas Bar (next door) <>

2228 E Carson St (hill side) at South 23rd St

Phone 412 488 1818 Mallorca, Phone 412 325 2277 Ibiza

Web: http://www.mallorcarestaurant.com/

They have their own parking lot on the corner. Little brother Ibiza was opened in 2005 whereas big brother opened in 1991. The biggest complaint people have is that they give too much good food. Dam them! Outside seating available; side yard.


Margaritaville (Bar-Restaurant) <>

2200 E Carson St (hill side) at 22nd St Phone 412 431 2200

Phone 412 352 1527 FACEBOOK

            Officially called Rizzo's Margaritaville


Mario’s (Bar-Restaurant) see Blue Lou’s <>

1514 E Carson St (hill side) at South 16th Street

Phone 412 381 5610, Web www.mariospgh.com/ Twitter

This was formerly a man’s clothing store prior to the 80’s. It is under new ownership as of 2008.


McArdles Pub (Bar) Smoking permitted <>

1600 Bingham St at South 16th St (below Carson St)

Phone 412 431 9358 FACEBOOK

A neighborhood tavern since before I was a kid.


McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant (Restaurant Bar) <>

2667 Sidney Street in the South Side Works

Phone: 412 432 3260

National web: McCormick & Schmick


Michael's Pizza Bar And Restaurant (Bar And Restaurant) <>

2612 Sarah Street between S 26th and S27th Streets

Phone 412 381 6102 Web http://www.michaelspizzasouthside.com/ 

            Nice local bar that’s been here forever. Outside seating available.


Mullen’s on Carson (Restaurant-Bar) (formerly JJ’s) formerly Paparazzi <>

2100 E Carson St (hill side) at South 21st St

Phone 412 488 0800, Web http://mullensbarandgrill.com/pittsburgh/ 

            Another location on the North Side (North Shore)


Nadine’s (Bar & Restaurant) <>

19 South 27th St (between E Carson & Sarah Street)

Phone 412 481 1793, Web www.nadinesbar.com/


Nakama Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar <>

1611 E Carson St (river side) at S 17th Street

Phone 412 381 6000, www.eatnatkama.com

The address is for mailing. The entrance is at the corner of E Carson and South 17th. Drivers beware; turning left off Carson (coming from S 10th) is a no-no and can result in a moving violation.


Over the Bar Bicycle Café (Bar) formerly Quagmire’s <>

2518 E Carson St (hill side)

Phone 412-381-3698, Web www.otbbicyclecafe.com/, FACEBOOK, Twitter

            Not your father’s biker bar. Craft beer is on tap. Outside is seating available.


Piper’s Pub (a real cask-ale Bar-Restaurant) <>

1828 E Carson St (hill side) between South 18th & South 19th Streets

Phone 412 381 3977, Web www.piperspub.com, FACEBOOK, Twitter

A very fine pub filled with expatriates watching football on a Saturday morning. They do a nice Sunday brunch and one never knows when a piper may march in. Cheers, to Chad and Josh who have worked here since the opening day. The pub had three beer engines installed in May 2008. As this is a real Scottish bar one can find pretty much every Scotch know to man here. Formerly: the Carson Street Chop House.


Pittsburgh Steak Company (Restaurant-Bar) <>

1924 E Carson St (hill side) between South 19th & South 20th Streets

Phone 412 381 5505, Web: http://www.pghsteak.com/, FACEBOOK

First restaurant in the South Side to have a Rolls Royce parked out front.


Primanti Brothers Restaurant & Cigar Bar (As it says) Smoking permitted <>

See Blues Café, above

1832 E Carson St (hill side) at South 19th St

Phone 412 431 7080

            They became Primanti Brothers Restaurant & Cigar Bar in late 2008 and may be advertizing using the new name. Yes, they received a smoking exemption. The restaurant is on South 19th Street and is independent.


Pregame (Bar) formerly Fix’s <>

1501 Sarah St (Do not park in the funeral home’s lot)

Web: http://www.pregamesouthside.com/ 

This may be going under the name South Side Pregame and is open as of January 2010.


Red & Irene’s Tavern (Bar) Smoking permitted <>

136 South 29th St at Jane St

Phone 412 431 9424


Rex Theater (show theater)

1602 E Carson St (hill side)

Phone 412 381 6811 Web http://www.rextheatre.com/ 

A theater for shows and music and they have a bar: A theater for shows and music and they have a bar: cash only per their Facebook page.


Rowdy Buck (bar)

1325 E Carson St (river side)

They are next to the Bee Hive and new as of 2012.


Ruggers Pub (Bar) formerly Clair’s Tavern Smoking permitted <>

40 South 22nd St at Wharton St

Phone 412 381 1330

Pittsburgh Rugby club www.pghrugby.com, FACEBOOK


Rumshakers (Bar) Smoking permitted CLOSED<>

1223 E Carson St (hill side) at South 13th Street

Phone 412 431 5910 Web www.rumshakers-pgh.com

            The state’s list of smoking permitted bars has Café Au Lait listed here, which was the former coffee shop.


S Bar (Bar) Smoking permitted <>

1713 E Carson St between S 17th & S 18th St (river side)

Phone 412 481 7227, 412 481 1404 Fax, Web www.sbarpgh.com

This is a nice bar in the late afternoon (4 pm daily) and early evening. It gets packed late at night. The rest rooms are all stainless steel. The state’s list of smoking permitted bar has this listed as Bar 1713 LLC. The bar is expanding so look for more room soon.


Saint James Place (Bar) Smoking permitted <>

153 South 18th Street at Mary Street

Phone 412 431 3222, Web www.stjamesplacetavern.com/

This is a fine Irish bar with a nice art-deco appearance. Formerly: Jack’s Bar, but not the Jack’s on Carson St and then Bar South Side. The fire station is right across the street so don’t get alarmed when you see the flashing red lights.


17 Street Café (Café-Bar) Formerly Bendick’s Bar <>

75 South 17th St at Wrights Way (and Bingham St)

Phone 412 381 4566 Web www.17thstreetcafe.com


Smiling Moose (Bar) Smoking permitted <>

1306 E Carson St (hill side) between South 13th & South 14th St

Phone 412 431 4668, Web www.smiling-moose.com, Twitter

            Formerly: the Silver Dollar. Good for bands.


Smokin’ Joe’s (Bar with upstairs function room) Smoking may have been suspended<>

See the Distillery Room

2001 East Carson St (river side) at South 20th St

Phone 412 431 6757, Web http://http://www.smokinjoessaloon.com/

Teitter: http://twitter.com/#!/TheSmilingMoose 

They sport many taps and you will find a lot of bottled brews. Formerly the Lewis Hotel. They have a very impressive bottle selection. A beer engine serves cask ale but service may be sporadic. They have a smoking exemption but they may have good back to doing food service.


South Side Beer Distributor (As it says) <>

74 South 20th St just below E Carson St (river side)

Phone 412 481 2337

This distributor has been here for eons. They are small but have a nice range of imports and US micro’s.


Steel City Mongolian Grill (Restaurant)

A franchisee of bd’s Mongolian Grill

29 South 27th St (South Side Works)

Formerly: Ann Taylor Loft


1311 Bar (Bar) Smoking permitted <>

1311 E Carson St (river side)

Phone 412 488 1311 Web www.1311carson.com

            They have (at times) a nice window display, which features craft beer.


Tad’s on East Carson (Bar) Formerly Barry’s Pub <>

1109 E Carson St (river side) between South 11th & South 12th Streets

Phone 412 481 3480 Web http://tadsoneastcarson.com/ 

            Became Tad’s in of June 2009. I walked passed on 19 June 2011 and noticed that they are enforcing a dress code.


Tiki Lounge (Bar) Smoking permitted <>

2003 E Carson St (river side) off South 20th St

Phone 412 381 TIKI (8454) http://www.tikilounge.biz/main.html


Truth Lounge (Restaurant)

51 South 12th St (north of E Carson St) in Bedford Square (Market House area)

Phone 412 381-9600


Urban Tap (Bar)

1209 E Carson St (river side)

Phone 412 420 7751


UUBU6 (Restaurant – Bar) <>

178 Pius Street off South 18th Street (on the Slopes)

Phone 412 381-7695 Web www.uubu6.com

            Website accessed on December 6, 2013 saw no regular hours of operations. Patrons need to call them for opening times and days. Please note that Pius Street id one-way from S 18th St to Brosville/S 12th Street


Villa Southside (Lounge) <>

1831 East Carson Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203

Phone 412 431 3535, Web: http://www.villasouthside.com/  

Grand Opening: January 29, 2010

Formerly Bruschetta's


Walker’s Pub (Bar) formerly Muffy’s Smoking permitted <>

2024 Sarah St near South 21st St

Phone 412 431 2040


White Eagle Inn (Bar) Smoking permitted <>

2300 E Carson St (hill side) at South 23rd St


Wine Loft (Wine-Bar) <>

1227 Tunnel Blvd

South Side Works

Phone: 412 586 5335, Web http://www.thewineloftpittsburgh.net with music.

Opened in November 25, 2008 with a focus on hors d'oeuvres and desserts, and of course, wine. An elegant looking place and just out of the way to make it feel exclusive. It is somewhat a smart dress place so leave the track outfit at home.


Wingharts (bar)

1505 E Carson St (river side)

Phone 412 434 5600


Yo Rita (Bar) <>

1120 E Carson St (hill side) just west of South 12th St

Phone 412 904 3557 Web http://www.yoritasouthside.com/ Twitter

            Opened on December 1, 2008. It was formerly the Iguana Grill.


Z Lounge (Bar) Formerly Zythos CLOSED in June 2012<>

2108 E Carson St (hill side) between South 21st & South 22nd Streets

            This is becoming Embury Cocktail Bar, which is scheduled to open in September. New owners are going to operate Z Lounge but name could change.


South Side Works information is just a tad further below.


South Side Links

South Side www.southsidepgh.com

South Side Camber of Commerce www.southsidepittsburgh.com

South Side Bar & Restaurant Association www.southsidepittsburgh.com/ssbra.asp

South Side Local Development Co.

South Side Slopes

Not a SS link but may be of interest: http://www.achd.net/food/newfood.html. Allegheny County Health Department new food establishments: openings by month. 


Parking Note

Parking on the South Side could be tight. Meters on the streets are not enforced after 6PM (until January 1, 2012) but the metered lots are enforced 24/7 by the Parking Authority. Don’t expect free off-street parking, as non-metered lots are private. The spots and garages at the South Side Works are much the same.


Parking Lots on the South Side

There are five Pittsburgh Parking Authority lots on the South Side (not including those within the South Side Works). They have meters or a pay box but and operate 24 hours a day. Enforcement officers can come at any time. Street parking is either free of metered but the meters are free after 6 PM.

Here are the locations of the pay lots:


Lot 1: Corner of South 18th & E Carson Streets

Lot 2: Corner of South 18th Street & Sidney Street (one block down)

Lot 3: E Carson St between South 12th & South 13th Streets

Lot 4: E Carson Street between South 19th & South 20th Street

Lot 5: Corner of Sidney St at South 20th Street


Bank ATM Locations on the South Side

Citizens Bank inside the Giant Eagle at Wharton Square at South 20th & Wharton Street (store hours only) and at 2800 E. Carson Street (river side).

Dollar Bank at 1712 E Carson St between South 17th & South 18th Streets (24hrs).

First National Bank, formerly the Iron & Glass Bank on E Carson St between South 11th & South 12th Streets (24hrs) in the parking lot.

PNC Bank at E Carson & South 18th Street (24hrs) inside and outside. Use your debit card to gain entry after hours.

PNC Bank located at S. 26th & Carson.

PNC Bank ATM inside the CoGo’s at South 10th & E Carson Streets (24hrs).

Riverset Credit Union at South 10th & Bingham St

I cannot guarantee that these will not change at any time. Many places have private ATM’s but I do not list those.


The South Side Works www.southsideworks.com

This is a new development that replaced the former Jones and Laughlin Steel Company. Here, one can find Claddagh Irish Pub, the Cheese Cake Factory and the Hofbräuhaus. There are several pay parking garages (not listed above) and several banks with outdoor ATM’s (not listed above). Despite what the SSW website tells you it is not in the heart of the South Side. One nice place I like is Joseph Beth Bookseller http://www.southsideworks.com/Joseph-Beth.htm. They have a great travel section.


Beer Notes

The pull-tab on a can of beer was developed by Alcoa Aluminum and first used by Pittsburgh Brewing Co. now www.ironcitybrewingcompany.com (Iron City beer) in 1962. These two companies also came out with the first Aluminum bottle. For more fun fact of Pittsburgh, see www.pittsburgh.about.com/cs/movies/a/filmed.htm.

The Keystone Brewery operated 33rd & E Carson Street. It became a part of Pittsburgh Brewing and the land now supports the FBI building.


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