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About Pubnetwork

This plain and simple site provides information on bars on Pittsburgh’s South Side and brewing in general for Allegheny and some surrounding counties. My name is Ed Vidunas and I am a life-long resident of the South Side. I enjoy a good beer and most of all to be able to drink it in a nice bar or tavern. I hope that I can help you enjoy one too.


Please do not contact me and ask to add a place that is not on the South Side unless it pertains to Cask Ale or concerns a brewery or brew pub. Yes, there are a lot of very nice places in Pittsburgh; I just don’t have the time to keep up with them. Feel free to contact me if you have a question about drinking in Pittsburgh.


Limited General Provisions

Anything to do with alcohol in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is controlled by the Liquor Control Board (LCB). The legal age is 21 and the legal limit is 0.08. Don’t be fooled, you can still get convicted for DUI if you are under the legal limit. Over 0.08 is a mandatory arrest. Her is the Pa Liquor Code. You cannot have an open container of alcohol in your car, even if others are with you.


Hours are from 7 am to 2:30 am every day but Sunday. Sunday hours are. Nobody is allowed to serve or drink after closing until the next opening time. Patrons are not permitted to be in the place after hours unless an extension has been granted. No place serving alcohol is permitted to have topless or nude staff.


The LCB does not have a rule prohibiting children at a bar but the owner may impose one. Some people are opposed to kids at a bar and at times the police have been called but they will not give a citation if they know the law.


Allegheny County Specific

When you buy a drink in Allegheny County you will pay a 7% tax just because you are drinking in Allegheny County. Allegheny County Council and the County Exceptive to help the transit authority get operating money imposed this drink tax, site now removed.


Pittsburgh Specific

As a citizen all you need to be aware of is that the City Pittsburgh has an open container ordinance. You are not permitted to be in public (outdoors on public streets) with an alcoholic drink in an open container. Special public events with a permit are exempt. They are typically enclosed so that people can’t walk in or out with a drink. I am not aware of other places outside of Pgh. that has an open container law. Should you buy a beer to go in a bar it will be placed in a bag as one cannot leave with an exposed bottle. I am not too sure if this is the law or not but most places bag.



The Commonwealth has a smoking ban in all places except the ones that they allow smoking. The law is the Clean Indoor Air Act. It’s a money thing and don’t get me started. Bars can apply for an exception. Smoking permitted bars cannot serve more than 20% of their gross in food sales and nobody under 21 is permitted in. Here you can search by county to find smoking permitted places.


Restaurants cannot get an exemption but their bar can. The same rules apply at the bar: no food and now under 21’s. In addition to this the bar has to be sealed off from the restaurant, have direct exhaust and a separate entry.


Bar Talk

Some sites on beer and breweries have a tendency to expose their political views. I don’t like this as it takes away from what the site is all about. If something is going to affect the trade then it is fair game. This should be about drinking with good friends and good beer.


Legal Disclaimer

The information on this site is mine. I do not represent any establishment listed here nor do I take money from anyone for this. On the other hand, I think I put a few of their kids through college.


Contact Me

You can contact me about anything at edvidunas @ gmail.com or thru my other site: http://www.Good-London-Guide.com. This is my site that offers information on getting to and enjoying London.


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